Multirotor/UAV is a multi rotored device controlled by electronic sensors to monitor the stability and level of the craft via the UAV’s on board software and computer. Is operated with a 2.4gHz radio controlled system with the added benefit of data telemetry from the UAV providing the pilot with data about the condition, direction, and height of the UAV at any time.

Our multirotor is fitted with a GPS system that will ‘hold’ the UAV in a given position. Together with a barometric pressure sensor the UAV can be held at a given height and fly autonomously in a ‘fixed’ position. BY programming the navigational control system we can set predetermined waypoints and have the UAV fly a preset route automatically and at set points take images if required. The flight route can be stored and uploaded onto the UAV at a later date.


- Hexacopter ( 6 propellers, more stable)

- “Green” electric powered

- 10-15 minute flight time Panasonic GH4 4K, Black Magic Pocket

- 25-30 minute flight time ( w/ Gopro, Contour, and similar smaller cameras)

- Operated line of sight and FPV

- Flight stabilization system

- GPS navigation system, Barometric sensor, Waypoints

Cameras and Lenses

- Canon 7D, 5D mark II,

- Panasonic GH2 w/canon lens mount adapter (optional) or 3D lens

- GOPRO cameras w/life view

- Canon lenses, wide angle from 11mm,16mm, to normal 50mm or 85mm